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Hoard of the Dragon Queen Introduction

With the conclusion of our playtest campaign and the release of 5E Player’s Handbook, we have begun a new campaign.  New characters to develop and new stories to be told.  For our first official foray into 5E I will be running Hoard of the Dragon Queen written by Kobold Press and released by Wizards of the Coast as the first official adventure module of 5E.  Having read through the module, I’m excited and curious to see how many elements of it play out.

In preparation for the campaign, I provided the players with information on many of the factions as defined in the Tyranny of Dragons guide to organized play along with some basic background information on the region, the Red Wizards, and of course the Cult of the Dragon.  Each character was also assigned a campaign-specific bond or background feature to tie them directly in to the plot of the adventure.

Due to the way that this campaign is structured, I may scale back somewhat on the use of miniatures and terrain since they aren’t really necessary or constructive in several episodes.  Another thing that I’ll be doing differently is that I’m going to hand off responsibility for writing up the session summaries to my players, who will probably rotate this task among themselves.  These may go back and forth between first person and third person summaries depending on the situation, but I’m looking forward to seeing things laid out from their perspective.

We’ve started over with a new band of 1st level characters.  Our new party of heroes consists of:

Emmerik – Dwarf Fighter.  Veteran soldier and protector of the helpless, Emmerik arrived in Greenest seeking information on the whereabouts of his long lost childhood friend.

Dag – Half-Orc Ranger.  Dag good warrior.  Dag not like smelly dwarves.  Dag come to Greenest to find his friend the monk Leosin.

Faurgar – Half-elf Sorcerer.  A survivor with a soft spot for children, especially orphans.  He arrived in Greenest seeking information about a certain Cult for reasons he seems reluctant to reveal.

Caelum – Human Wizard.  A true scholar with a hazardous fascination for bizarre and dangerous creatures.  He is prone to visions and has foreseen a great catastrophe looming in the near future.  These nightmares led him to Greenest in search of further information about the impending apocalypse.

Starag – Human Cleric of Torm.  Starag disappointed his parents with his lack of arcane aptitude, but has made a life for himself in service of Torm.  His senses may be keener than his mind.  He arrived in Greenest at the behest of his mentor, the paladin Ontharr Frume.

Pry – Half-elf rogue.  A character so mysterious that he didn’t even make an appearance during the first session of the game.  (player couldn’t attend, more to come later once he enters the story)