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About Reviews

One of the things that I will do from time to time here is review various RPG products.  A few things about my reviews:

First, there is an art to doing product reviews.  There’s a certain structure and form that makes for an effective review.  I’m not well-versed in this art, so consider your expectations managed.

Secondly, reviews aren’t really my prime focus here.  I’m mostly interested in sharing the ongoing events of my campaign as well as some of the things that go into running it, like building terrain.  If I run into something that I think is cool, I will share it in the form of a brief review because I want other people to know about it.

That leads into my final point, which is that you’ll probably notice a strong bias towards reviews of things that I like.  This may make it seem like I enjoy every damn thing that I pick up, but it’s really a case of selection bias.  If a product doesn’t float my boat, I’m probably not even going to finish reading it much less spend more time writing a bad review on it.  There may be exceptions to this rule if something strikes me as extremely humorous.