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Legacy of the Savage Kings – Finale

With the demon skull in the party’s possession, all that remained was to return it to “the maw” and destroy it forever.  Unfortunately, things are never that simple.  Upon disrupting the skull, it made several attempts to possess nearby party members and a good amount of damage was inflicted subduing the possessed persons.

Given the extremely dangerous nature of this artifact the group decided to proceed immediately to destroy it.  Upon exiting the tomb, they discovered that orc reinforcements had arrived at the forge.  After a brief strategy session, it was decided that Trog and Natyet would circle around the island using the ring of water walking and the rest of the group would assault the front gate as a distraction.

As this was happening, the friendly neighborhood black dragon decided that this would be a good time to make an appearance as well.  It attacked orc and hero alike in its madness.  In addition, as Trog began to near the maw with the skull, a massive and corrupted earth elemental appeared from the ground to block his path.  The ensuing battle was extremely chaotic, but in the end Trog barely defeated the elemental and sent the skull flying to its destruction.

As the skull was destroyed, the earth shook violently and most of the crudely built structures on the island were destroyed as a result.  The orcs were killed or scattered, leaving only the circling dragon.  Offering him his missing onyx band was enough to placate him and he flew off into the fog.  The party decided to leave the swamp themselves at this point and find a camp for a well earned rest.