The Dragon Hatchery – Emmerik’s Notes

After the squad had safely returned to Greenest with the monk Leosin and villagers-turned-temporary-slaves Ned and Paul the group was rewarded by the Governor and took a few days to rest and recuperate from the hectic 48 hours previous.  Emmerik and his companions also used their time to practice their skills and learn a few new tricks.

Having made a full recovery from the injuries he had suffered at the hands of the Dragon Cult, Leosin told his rescuers that he would be leaving to meet with an associate of his – a paladin who belonged to the Order of the Gauntlet – in a city to the north to share what information he had already gathered on the Cult. However Leosin asked the squad if it could return to the cultists’ camp and recover any information possible about the army’s next move; the squad readily accepted the charge (it didn’t hurt that there was a promise made of a cash payment when the group delivered the information).

Donning the assortment of cultist robes the squad members had acquired in their earlier encounters with cult members the squad made directly for the location of the cultist army’s encampment but, when they arrived, they found the camp nearly deserted and destroyed.  In every direction from the camp small parties (with roughly a score of soldiers each) had issued forth, after having burned their former facilities.  Only a few of the hunters remained, setting up their camp near the mouth of a cave (which had been under heavy guard during the squad’s earlier visit – it reputedly being the headquarters of the Black Wyrmspeaker and housing dragon hatchlings).  With their disguises the squad openly moved into the cave to find what they could.

Shortly after entering the cave, which had been worked to create a subterranean complex, Pry was knocked unconscious during an ambush by cultist fanatics – but Starag magically healed him.  The cleric then proceeded to blunder around which resulted in the squad suffering attack from swarms of bats and stirges, but the parasites were defeated and the bats driven off without causing any serious damage, which Starag used his magic powers to heal.

Then passing through a series of traps the squad came upon a room with a number of kobolds – they had most likely laid the traps.  A brief fight ensued, with Dag hewing many of the mongrels.

With the trap-makers dealt with the squad moved down a flight of stairs and came to a large room, with a shrine dedicated to the evil five-headed dragon goddess – Tiamat.  Guarding the shrine was the half-dragon general, Cyanwrath, and two berserker bodyguards of his.  Itching to repay his loss in their earlier duel, Dag rushed into combat against Cyanwrath while Caelum and Starag used their magical abilities to hamper the general and Pry moved into position to aid Dag’s assault (and take a few shots at the general’s back). Emmerik took a stance to engage the berserkers and keep them off Faurgar while the sorcerer unleashed a torrent of energy attacks against them. Eventually the general fell, and the squad finished off the berserkers. Investigating the shrine Caelum had a premonition of danger, but Emmerik triggered a trap of poison gas when he moved a lockbox and the group retreated up the stairs from whence they had come, all except Starag, who pushed further into the complex.

After the poison subsided the squad caught up with Starag, who had discovered a room with dragon eggs guarded by a pair of dog-like lizard beasts, some kobolds, and a roper (looking like a stalagmite).  After defeating the kobolds and dog/lizards in combat the group was able to convince the roper that they would bring it more food if it would allow them to leave alive.  After an agreement was reached the squad proceeded to destroy the dragon eggs and exited quickly.

With the rest of the compound explored the squad climbed up a ladder and into what appeared to be the room of a high-ranking cultist (the garments found indicate it may have even housed the cult’s black wyrmspeaker).  Proceeding to the next chamber the squad encountered a group of cultists, prepared to face an attack.  While the cultists were mostly made quick work of, one of their number, protected by magical wards, guarded a passage down which the cultists’ leader had fled.  By the time that guard was finished off the leader had long since fled from the cavern and had stolen a horse from the hunters’ camp.

So, with a bitter taste in their mouths, the squad returned, once again, to Greenest before leaving to bring their information to Leosin’s paladin associate.

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  1. Good summary. How big is the squad? Are they following any factions?

  2. Jerry says:

    There are currently six in the group. One started as a Harper. The rest are unaffiliated so far but they all have backgrounds tying into the campaign.

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