Is this thing on? Also, Tomb of Annihilation!

Greetings, random internet people!

It has been some time now since I’ve joined the ranks of the ever expanding army of lapsed bloggers.  This is something that I’m going to try and remedy.  I’m posting to this to declare my intent (to myself just as much as to anyone else) to begin capturing my thoughts on the Tomb of Annihilation along with the details of my own ToA campaign once it starts.  I’m excited about this one.  My 5 year old is a total dinosaur nut, so when I told him about all of the dinosaurs in Chult he was pretty excited too.  He’s already offered to loan me parts of his extensive dinosaur collection to use as minis should my party happen to encounter some dinosaurs.  (spoiler: they will)

After wrapping up my Tyranny of Dragons campaign in Spring of 2016 we did a few one-off games as a palette cleanser prior to diving into the madness that is Curse of Strahd.  I’ll probably write a separate post summarizing my thoughts on Curse of Strahd down the line somewhere but for now let’s just say that it was basically my favorite adventure that I’ve ever run.  In addition to tackling Curse of Strahd,  I began running a second group that started off with the idea that it’d be fairly casual but quickly became a very regular thing.  The second group is a huge change of pace for me because it consists of my wife and my son in addition to two of my regular players and their daughters.  The kids range from roughly 10-12 and are super fun to play with.  My wife and the kids were all first time players so that group has a very different feel and very different challenges compared to running a game for a group of old hands.

With my original group running every other Friday and this new group running on the alternate Fridays, that means that I’m typically running at least one game a week.  I’ve found myself occasionally scrambling to keep with my game prep.  I’m getting better at it as time goes by which will hopefully allow for more time for me to post here.

Future posts may include such topics as:

Running D&D for kids
Recapping my Curse of Strahd campaign (spoiler: it was great fun)
My thoughts on Storm King’s Thunder so far
What we know about Tomb of Annihilation and how to prepare ourselves for it
Random terrain projects that I’ve completed in the last year and that I have in progress now
Using 3D printing in y our gaming terrain projects

What else would people like to hear about?

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