D&D Next Playtest Campaign

We are currently running a campaign to playtest the new D&D Next rules set.  Most of the adventures are based on modules produced by Goodman Games and the campaign is set in the Dungeon Crawl Classics world.

The cast of characters consists of:

  • Fischer- Human Bard.  Self-proclaimed leader of “Fletcher and Friends.”  A true legend in his own mind.
  • Trog – Half-orc Barbarian.  Smasher of things that need smashing and lover of kitties.
  • Keaton – Human Mage.  Master enchanter, ogre whisperer, and the ever elusive “mage tank.”
  • Solus – Elf Cleric.  Devotee of the sun god, bringer of light to the darkness.
  • Reliff – Human Monk.  Punch-kicking and kick-punching for justice.

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