Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Our party consists of:

Emmerik – Dwarf Fighter.  Veteran soldier and protector of the helpless, Emmerik arrived in Greenest seeking information on the whereabouts of his long lost childhood friend.

Dag – Half-Orc Ranger.  Dag good warrior.  Dag not like smelly dwarves.  Dag come to Greenest to find his friend the monk Leosin.

Faurgar – Half-elf Sorcerer.  A survivor with a soft spot for children, especially orphans.  He arrived in Greenest seeking information about a certain Cult for reasons he seems reluctant to reveal.

Caelum – Human Wizard.  A true scholar with a hazardous fascination for bizarre and dangerous creatures.  He is prone to visions and has foreseen a great catastrophe looming in the near future.  These nightmares led him to Greenest in search of further information about the impending apocalypse.

Starag – Human Cleric of Torm.  Starag disappointed his parents with his lack of arcane aptitude, but has made a life for himself in service of Torm.  His senses may be keener than his mind.  He arrived in Greenest at the behest of his mentor, the paladin Ontharr Frume.

Pry – Half-elf rogue.  A character so mysterious that he didn’t even make an appearance during the first session of the game.  (player couldn’t attend, more to come later once he enters the story)

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